2018 POWRR Institute: Walk the Workflow


In this presentation, Jaime Schumacher, Senior Director of Digital Collections & Scholarship at Northern Illinois University Libraries and co-leader of Digital POWRR, and Stacey Erdman, Digital Archivist at Beloit College and POWRR's Communications & Community Coordinator, provide a step by step overview of a digital preservation workflow using a provided sample data set. The presentation is aimed at allowing learners to envision how a workflow can be setup and deployed locally based on their institutional needs and capabilities. Learners used the open source tools Data Accessioner, Bagger, and Fixity as a part of the workflow. This session was part of the 2018 POWRR Institute, held in Warm Springs, OR on April 28-29, 2018.


Digital POWRR How-to Tech Tutorial: Downloading and Launching BAGGER

Digital POWRR How-to Tech Tutorial: Using Bagger