2015 Pre-ATALM Preserving and Enhancing Native Language Resources in Tribal Libraries, Archives, and Museums Workshop


Led by Gary Holton, Director, Alaska Native Language Archive and Andrea Berez, Assistant Professor, University of Hawai'i. This hands-on workshop provided training in best practices for handling Indigenous language materials. Topics included: creating appropriate linguistic metadata descriptions; acquiring and working with digital audio/video; linking text and audio/video; transcription and translation. Participants will learn about tools for enhancing access to existing resources, including software for creating talking dictionaries, mobile applications, interactive websites. Strategies for long-term preservation and access, including archiving platforms such as Mukurtu Mobile will be covered, along with funding opportunities specific to language documentation. The workshop was aimed at tribal library, museum, and archive employees without previous language experience, but it was open to experienced language professionals as well. Participants were encouraged to bring relevant (analog or digital) language resources to the workshop.