2016 Post-ATALM SHN Workshop Part 4: Digital Preservation


Led by Alex Merrill, Head of Systems and Technical Operations, Washington State University (WSU) Libraries, and Lotus Norton-Wisla, Tribal Archives Digital Curriculum Coordinator, WSU Libraries. This presentation on digital preservation was given as part of the 2016 Post-ATALM Sustainable Heritage Network Workshop. The presentation introduces a model called the Digital Preservation Pyramid which breaks digital preservation into three components that it breaks down in greater detail. These componente are file storage, file integrity, and file access. Beyond the technical aspects of digital preservation, the presentation walks through the creation of an action plan that will help one obtain recognition and buy in from units and individuals needed to create a sustainable program. Some units and individuals mentioned are supervisors, IT staff, and funders. 


Digital Preservation Pyramid

Digital Preservation Questions

Digital Preservation Action Plan