Wisconsin Historical Society [Workbench]


Information about this Workbench:

Wisconsin Historical Society is a workbench providing services at a physical location as well as virtual services. Services that are available on a walk-in basis are noted in the list below as "free:available in the public reading room." Other services will require an appointment: please contact Kathleen Mullen.

Services: scanner, preservation consultation, digitization, metadata creation consultation, desktop computer with internet access

Contact Us

Website URL:https://www.wisconsinhistory.org
email address:kathleen.mullen@wisconsinhistory.org
Phone number: (608) 264-6489
Other contact information:
Other Services and information for SHN community members:

Audio Digitization projects, small (fee)

Audio Formats and Digitization Consultation, 60 minutes (free)

Desktop computer with internet access (free: available in public reading room)

Film & Video Formats Identification & Cataloging Consultation 30-60 minutes by phone or by appointment at WCFTR (free)

Film & Video Viewing Assistance for individual items & small collections, by appointment at WCFTR (free)

How-to-videos and webinars for Genealogy Research (free and fee)

Metadata creation consultation for museum objects (free)

Microfilm Scanning, single images from user copies (free: available in public reading room)

Microfilm Scanning, bulk from negatives with Optical Character Recognition (fee)

NAGPRA & reference questions on Native American objects (free)

Preservation Consultation: Books, Paper, Photographs, Film, Audio, Video 30-60 minutes by phone or by appointment at WHS (free)

Preservation Consultation, 3-D objects and textiles, by phone or appointment at WHS (free)

Scanners, Flatbed, Color, 11.8 x 17 in. Output to PDF, JPEG or DOC. Optical Character Recognition software integrated (OCR). Resolution 600 DPI. (free: available in public reading room)

Location Description: 

816 State St.
Madison, WI

*on University of Wisconsin Campus, across from the Student Union