Western Libraries, Heritage Resources [Workbench]


Information about this Workbench:

Western Libraries, Heritage Resources is a workbench providing Services at a physical location, Virtual services

Services: Oversized document digitization workstation, Black & White copy machine, Scanner, Handheld Microphone, Desktop Computer with internet access, Grant Writing Consultation, Disaster Planning Consultation, Metadata Creation Consultation, Preservation Consultation

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Other Services and information:

We anticipate developing lesson plans and improved audio visual services that may be added to our offerings at a later date. Advance appointments are required. Access to this equipment listed above is limited and requires advance scheduling as well as training on equipment use. Available scanners: 12x 17 Flatbed scanner 56" Feed Scanner


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Location Description: 

Goltz-Murray Archives Bldg.
808 25th St.
Bellingham, WA 98225-9123