Oregon State University Libraries [Workbench]


Information about this Workbench:

Oregon State University Libraries is a workbench providing Services at a physical location, Virtual services


film digitization workstation; audio digitization workstation ; Scanner; Desktop Computer with internet access; Grant Writing Consultation; Disaster Planning Consultation; Intellectual property Consultation; Strategic planning Consultation; Metadata Creation Consultation; Preservation Consultation; Digital Asset Management Consultation

Contact Us

  • Website URL: http://osulibrary.oregonstate.edu/
  • email address:natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu
  • Phone number: 541-737-3653
  • Other contact information:

Other Services and information:

For the following services, please contact Natalia Fernández, natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu, OSUL Special Collections & Archives Research Center: 

• Self-serve scanner 
• Audio cassette digitization
• Collections arrangement and description consultation, including EAD implementation
• Preservation consultation, including disaster prevention and recovery plan development
• Oral history consultation

The OSUL Special Collections & Archives Research Center is open Monday - Friday 10am-6pm and until 8pm on Tuesdays. 

For the following services, please contact Erin Clark, erin.clark@oregonstate.edu, OSUL Digital Production Unit:
• Photographic digitization (most formats, including glass negatives)
• Document digitization
• Video (VHS and U-Matic) digitization
• Digital preservation consultation

For any general questions or other services not listed, please contact Natalia Fernández, natalia.fernandez@oregonstate.edu

Location Description: 

121 The Valley Library Corvallis, OR 97331