How to Provide a Workbench [FAQ]


So you would like to become a workbench? What is a workbench? A workbench is an institution or virtual service that shares equipment, workspaces, institutional and archival resources, training and more to anyone looking to participate in the SHN's goal of collaborative stewardship. Most often a workbench is a library, archive, museum or cultural center that would like to share their resources with community members to promote the continuation of cultural heritage preservation. You do not need to be a tribal archive, library or museum in order to be a workbench. If you have equipment and resources that you would like to share, no matter who you are, you can apply to be a workbench and start sharing!

First a few requirements and suggestions:

  • You must have the rights to lend the workbench location and/or materials and consent to their use and instruction.
  • You must provide at least one service or resource. If you would like to register as a part of the SHN, but do not have resources to share you can register as an organization or user only.
  • Services at a workbench do not need to be free. If your services aren't free please be sure to note the cost in the appropriate section of the form when you register.

To begin providing services as a workbench for the SHN you may sign up as an SHN community and a workbench by completing the community registration form. You may also sign up to become a workbench only by selecting "Take me straight to the workbench registration please" on the first page of the registration form. Registering is the first step in the process, being approved as workbench can take a bit of time, please be patient. We will let you know via email when your community and workbench has been set up. If you would like to provide a workbench, please continue to the community registration form by clicking here.