How to Embed Soundcloud Files on your Resource [FAQ]

This video is a walkthrough. It has no audio.

Want to add music to your DH items and have them represented visually? Well Soundcloud has an embed option. To get your embed code, upload your media and/or go to your user page. There should be a link beneath every song/audiofile that says ʺshareʺ. When you click on share, a pop-up box shows up with a tab on top for ʺembedʺ click on that tab and find your embed code to copy! To embed your Soundcloud audio track into your DH item, select the “Mukurtu Core” tab, scroll down to the “Description” field, and change the text format to “Display Suite Code”. Paste the embed code into the text box, but don't switch back to any other text format. You may add text above or below the presentation. For the most current information on Mukurtu CMS, visit and visit for Mukurtu CMS software support.