Gifts of the Ancestors: Archival Recordings, Collaborative Curation and Ethical Cultural Representation


In this session, Guha Shankar, Folklife Specialist, American Folklife Center at the Library of Congress; Donald Soctomah, Tribal Historic Preservation Officer for the Passamaquoddy Nation, Passmaaquoddy Nation of Maine; Kim Christen, Professor; Director, Digital Projects; Director, Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation at Washington State University; and Jane Anderson, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies at New York University, illustrate the challenges and rewards of collaborative work between Indigenous communities and non-Native institutions. Ancestral Voices is a digital repatriation project of the Passamaquoddy Nation, the American Folklife Center (Library of Congress) and the Local Contexts and Mukurtu CMS teams. Presenters share information about the collaboration and discuss critical issues in the realms of linguistic and cultural revitalization, ethical co-curation and representation of community history and heritage, and digital processes/platforms to save, restore and provide access to archival collections. This session was part of the ATALM annual conference held in Temecula, California, on October 8-10, 2019.

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