Caring for Culturally Sensitive Paper Documents


In this video, Audrey Harrison, Conservation Technician, University of Arizona, Tucson; Darsita North, Research Specialist, ASU - School of Human Evolution and Social Change; and Natalia Miles, Andrew W. Mellon Fellow 2017-2018 Heard Museum, Gila River Indian Community, provide information on how to care for culturally sensitive and irreplaceable paper-based pieces, such as maps and legal documents, using environmentally-safe methods. The session provides examples of issues encountered while working with paper, and describes specific circumstances that may require consultation with a paper conservator. Techniques for mending, repairing, and stabilizing paper documents using appropriate organic adhesives, as well as provide general storage solutions, are demonstrated. This session was part of the ATALM annual conference held in Prior Lake, Minnesota, on October 8-11, 2018.