2018 Pre-ATALM Workshop Indigenous Intellectual Property: Developing Tools and Strategies


This hands-on workshop focused on identifying and finding solutions to copyright issues within collections, establishing decision making and governance around intellectual property within community contexts, and managing cultural material in digital contexts. Participants learned about Local Contexts (www.localcontexts.org) and the Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels initiative. The workshop highlighted experiences around the return and ownership of Hopi sound recordings and Penobscot Nation's work developing intellectual property strategies and negotiating with institutions over the ownership of its collections. Workshop participants learned how to use TK Labels for their cultural heritage held both within tribal contexts and also in institutions external to the tribe. Participants were encouraged to think about their own community's/organization's issues around IP, to develop realistic strategies to address these and to consider which TK Labels could be implemented in their own contexts. This workshop was part of the ATALM 2018 Annual Conference, help on October 9 in Prior Lake, MN.

Instructors: Jane Anderson, Associate Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies at New York University; co-director of Local Contexts, New York University, Local Contexts; James Francis, Tribal Historian, Cultural and Historic Preservation Office, Penobscot Nation; Trevor Reed, Associate Professor of Law, Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law, Arizona State University and Director of the Hopi Music Project; Maria Montenegro, PhD Student in Information Studies, UCLA and SHN Project Coordinator.

Workshop Agenda