2018 POWRR Institute: Archivematica


In this presentation, Martin Kong, Systems Librarian in the Chicago State University Library, provides an overview of the open source digital preservation tool Archivematica. Topics covered include: what are microservices and how they are employed within Archivematica; installation/deployment options for Archivematica; OAIS standards; packages produced by Archivematica (SIP, AIP, DIP), and how to normalize files. The presentation also provides steps on how to process a digital transfer from start to finish, including turning them into Submission Information Packages (SIPs), applying format policies and creating high-quality, repository-independent Archival Information Packages (AIP) using METS, PREMIS and Bagit. This presentation was part of the 2018 POWRR Institute, held in Warm Springs, OR on April 28-29, 2018.


Digital POWRR How-To Tech Tutorial: Archivematica Walk Through