2015 ATALM NANH Meeting: Presentations from Eyaawing Museum, Squamish Museum, Hula Preservation Society, and Huhugam Heritage Center


This panel consists of speakers discussing their Native American/Native Hawai'ian (NANH) Musueum Services Program funded projects. The first speaker, Cindy Winslow, Director of the Eyaawing Museum and Cultural Center, discusses a project to preserve the Durant Roll, which was used to establish federal recognition. Janet Smoak, Director at the Squamish Museum, discusses a grant used to process an archaeological collection from the Manette site consisting of shell samples and describing it in a Past Perfect database. Keau Gorge, from the Hula Preservation Society, discusses a project to document Hula culture that consists of oral histories, documents, moving images, and photographs. Finally, Monica King, Education Curator at the Huhugam Heritage Center, discusses the documentation of basket weaving tradition within the Gila River Indian community. This meeting was part of the pre-conference activities for the 2015 ATALM annual conference in Washington, DC on September 9, 2015.