Working with Film and Video Collections

In this presentation, Angela Schmidt, film archivist at the Alaska Film Archives at University of Alaska, Fairbanks, discusses the history, mission, and collection of the Archives. She also provides some best practices and guidelines for the preservation and digitization of archival film, including topics such as collection policies, gift certificates, metadata, accessioning and numbering the items in your collection, creating catalog records, and storage and environmental control. This presentation was given at the SHN sponsored ANLA Workshop, held in University of Alaska Fairbanks, on March 9-10, 2016.

Ideal Storage Temperatures for Visual and Audiovisual Media

This chart from the Image Permanence Institute Media Storage describes the ideal conditions for storing various types of film, tape, and other storage media.

Preservation Basics for Photographs Overview

This session focused on archival approaches to physically caring for historical and contemporary prints and negatives. Participants gained an understanding of factors causing deterioration and how to address them through proper handling and storage, as well as learn about resources for identifying photographic types and guidelines for selecting storage enclosures. The session was given by Gina Rappaport at the 2014 Post-ATALM Sustainable Heritage Network Workshop, held in Palm Springs on June 13, 2014.



Preservation Basics for Photographs

This presentation on the preservation of photographs was given by Gina Rappaport at the 2015 Post-ATALM Sustainable Heritage Network Workshop held on June 12-15 in Palm Springs, California.



Disaster Vulnerability Assessment

This worksheet walks you through an assessment of your institution's vulnerabilities to disasters that can damage collections.

Disaster Response Equipment - Checklist

This document is a checklist from a series of disaster planning tools created by the Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service (WESTPAS). The checklist contains a list of materials required for various aspects of disaster response, including personal protection devices.

Salvage of Water Damaged Collections

This document outlines priorities, precautions, and procedures for handling water damaged collections. It includes information according to media type ranging from books to film to artifacts.