Video 101: Shooting Basics [Tutorial]


Video Shooting Techniques Summary: 1) Carry spare batteries and memory cards/tapes. 2) Hold on your subject for at least 5 seconds. 3) Have your subjects face the light source. 4) Plan your shots ahead of time. 5) Use pans, tilts, and controlled movements. 6) Allow your subjects to move in and out of the frame. 7) Use the rule of thirds to compose your shots. 8) Hold the camera steady or use a tripod. "So you bought yourself a camera or maybe you borrowed one from a friend, cool! Um, but how do you use it to make videos that look good? Shooting video well is a skill that takes time to develop but with a few simple tips you'll find yourself on the path to movie magic..." For more information read the entire Vimeo article: Video 101: Shooting Basics