Reconciliation in Action: Practical Projects that are Making a Difference


In this session,Terry Baxter, archivist, Multnomah County Archives; Camille Callison, Indigenous Services Librarian and Liaison Librarian for Anthropology, Native Studies and Social Work, University of Manitoba; Alissa Cherry, Research Manager, UBC Museum of Anthropology; and Jonathan Pringle, Archivist, Cline Library, Northern Arizona University, discuss how reconciliation goes beyond an admission of wrongdoing and an apology, and that true reconciliation requires honest conversations and work towards resolutions that are equitable, restorative, and build trust. Cultural Institutions not only can support meaningful reconciliation, but drive it. In this session, presenters will share examples of practical work that demonstrates this commitment in action by discussing initiatives at UBC/MOA (Cherry); reconciliation through accurate and appropriate naming (Callison); the Protocols for Native American Association of Tribal Archives, Libraries, and Museums PAGE | 37 Archival Materials (Pringle); and the Treaty of 1855 commemoration (Baxter). This session was part of the ATALM annual conference held in Temecula, California, on October 8-10, 2019.