Introducing the Traditional Knowledge (TK) Labels


These slides were used by Jane Anderson, Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Museum Studies at New York University; co-director of Local Contexts; Guha Shankar, Folklife Specialist at the Library of Congress Folklife Center; and Donald Soctomah, Historical Preservation Officer of the Passamaquoddy Nation, at the 2016 Pre-ATALM Workshop: Developing Tools to Navigate Intellectual Property and Protect Cultural Heritage,  held in Phoenix on October 10, 2016. The session provided an introduction to the Tratidional Knowledge (TK) Labels and the Local Contexts online platform. During the session, Jane Anderson explained what do TK Labels do, examples in which the TK Labels are being used (both within communities and by external institutions), and showed examples of ways in which communities are adapting the TK Labels in order to address issues of access, control, and ownership of digitized and circulating Indigenous materials and traditional knowledge.