2015 NAMSI Workshop Mukurtu CMS: Differential Access for the Ethical Stewardship of Cultural and Digital Heritage

Presented by Kelley Shanahan on behalf of Mukurtu CMS at NAMSI 2015, Berkeley CA

Join us at NAMSI 2015! In this workshop, participants will learn the history of Mukurtu CMS and how it may be a good fit for your own projects. We will explore Mukurtu’s features and functions that empower communities, cultural memory institutions, and individuals to define, preserve and cultivate digital heritage in their own terms, maintaining control over rich media and their associated metadata. Participants will see examples of Mukurtu in use in indigenous communities emphasizing preservation strategies, cultural protocols and the use of traditional knowledge licenses and labels as part of our expansive toolkit.

This presentation covers the overall mission and approach of Mukurtu CMS, as a project and CMS built and led by indigenous digital sharing protocols. 

Our Mission:

Mukurtu (MOOK-oo-too) is a grassroots project aiming to empower communities to manage, share, and exchange their digital heritage in culturally relevant and ethically-minded ways. We are committed to maintaining an open, community-driven approach to Mukurtu’s continued development. Our first priority is to help build a platform that fosters relationships of respect and trust.

A special thanks goes out to the Native American Museum Studies Institute (NAMSI) 2015, and the Joseph A. Myers Center for Research on Native American Issues at UC Berkeley for inviting our workshop and presentation.

Location Description: 

NAMSI 2015, UC Berkeley