Tessa Campbell

Tips for Successful In-House Exhibit Planning and Development

In this presentation, Tessa Campbell, Senior Curator at Hibulb Cultural Center & Natural History Preserve and Kaila Cogdill, Curator at Agua Caliente Cultural Museum, provide guidance for tribal communities and their respective cultural centers on the fundamentals of in-house exhibit planning and development. Using the 2016 Hibulb Cultural Center exhibit "Vibrant Beauty: Colors of Our Collection" as an example, the presenters discuss how to develop exhibitions' themes and goals, construct a storyline and timeline, develop budgets, and produce hands-on interactives with available resources. This session was part of the ATALM annual conference held in Santa Ana Pueblo, New Mexico, on October 10-13, 2017.

How-to Guide for Preserving History and Culture

In this presentation, Tessa Campbell and Kaila Cogdill from the Hibulb Cultural Center and Natural History Preserve discuss their experience as non-trained archivists creating a “how-to” guide to be utilized for processing future collection materials. The presentation covered practical methodologies, materials needed, and storage environments as well as other issues of key importance in processing archival collections. This session was part of the ATALM annual conference held in Washington, DC on September 9-12, 2015.


How-to Archival Handbook Prepared for ATALM 2015 Conference

This handbook for archival processing describes the steps the Hibulb Tribes' Cultural Resource Center and Natural Preserve uses to stabilize and process newly acquired collections. This handbook accompanies Tessa Campbell and Kaila Cogdill's presentation on the development of the handbook and the processing of the William Shelton papers, a large collection of importance to the institution consisting of a wide variety of physical formats. The presentation was given on September 11, 2015.