Nazlini Chapter

Nazlini is known for their apples, apricots and peaches. People traded them for other things at the trading post. Nazlini is encouraging people to farm again.

Name: Náz Líní, "bend in the river," refers to an L-shaped bend in the Nazlini Wash
Population: 489 at the 2010 Census; chapter officials estimate it closer to 1,200
Land area: 217,000 acres
Major clans: Táchii'nii, Tó dich'íi'nii, Tsi'naajinii, Kinyaa'áanii, Ma'ii deeshgiizhnii, 'Ashiihí, Tl'ááshchí'í
Points of interest: Three Turkeys Tribal Park, Fluted Rock, Beautiful Valley, pictographs
Famous sons and daughters: Apache County Sheriff Joe Dedman (he's also the chapter's vice president), Navajo Nation Supreme Court Justice Eleanor Shirley, Navajo Transit Manager Lee Bigwater
Problems: N-27, the major road into and out of the chapter, is not fully paved; nearest shopping is 19 miles away in Ganado
Assets: year-round springs, beautiful scenery, good farmland, a BIE grant school, abundant wildlife

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