Tribal Stewardship Cohort Program July Session, Day 1

Tribal Stewardship Cohort Program July Session, Day 1

Resources from TSCP training on July 20th, 2015. Introduction to the Digital Lifecycle, Collections, Archival Appraisal

Title of Training Segment: 1.1 Introduction to the Collections Lifecycle, Appraisal

Date & Time: Monday, 20th July 2015; 9:00am – 5:00pm

Guests: Jennifer O’Neal

Objectives: Understand the purpose and practice of archives, digital lifecycle models and how to add cultural checks, understand archival value, start to think about applying skills to specific projects.

Materials: In class - Slides, notes document
Example/template appraisal documentation, practice collection

Hands-on work: Creating digital lifecycle model with cultural checks, archival survey and appraisal practice.
Outcomes: Digital lifecycle model, appraisal and survey template


Digital Heritage Items
Tribal Stewardship Cohort Program 2015-2016, Convening Great Lakes Culture Keepers, Tribal Stewardship Cohort Program 2016-2017, Center for Digital Scholarship and Curation
Showcase, Policies and Procedures, Archival Processing
Sustainable Heritage Network
Archival Processing